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September 20, 2013
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Cloudbabies by Matereya Cloudbabies by Matereya
I nearly forgot about this drawing! :XD: I made it a while ago, not long before the LOK SDCC panel, and somehow it slipped my mind ^^;
Despite not being a Kataang fan, I'm very fond of Tenzin and his family and very excited about Kya and Bumi~ :heart:

I'm really hoping we get to know more about the second generation of the Gaang, and generally see more of the world of Avatar outside Republic City :)


Characters Bryke/Nickelodeon
Art Me
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MissUnashamed Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE THIS!!! Heart 
MooyongRocks Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
I especially love how you drew Tenzin
DeadloveCalling Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Student Writer
Wow, they're all gorgeous! Beautiful shading
rocky-road123 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Such a beautiful family :)
Brain-Dancer Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I hate that the other two don't seem to have families of their own.  The authors have made them totally one dimensional.

Only fill-in characters when this could be so richer.

Matereya Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Yeah, I agree, but LOK is about...well...Korra and co.
I don't really like Korra either, she has so much potential of becoming a great main character. I just don't like the direction the series is going and hopefully Book 3 will be better than 2 :S
Brain-Dancer Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
So far the best relationship has been Bolin and Eska!

It would have been great if Tenzin's siblings had kids and they turned out to be airbenders as well. 

They are part airbender so that is not beyond, well was not beyond, possibility.

LOK for all the hype, ends up being predictable and formulaic for the most part.

When they spoke of her being in the spirit world and the origin of the Avatar, I was excited.

What I saw... well,

I've read better ff to tell you the truth.

Still I'm ever hopeful that the next season will be... :iconamazingplz:
Makosharkman Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
If were Bumi I would have started a Family in the Northern Water Tribe.<br / />
Matereya Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Student Interface Designer
LOL I just want more Bumi-time, I love him so much :love:
Makosharkman Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013

me to.

<br / />

also if you take request could you draw Bumi settling down in the Northern Water Tribe?

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